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What better way to counter Islamophobia than dialogue over a delicious meal, including dishes from the multitude of countries where we reside?

At the table, during our dinner events, we encourage Muslims to speak for themselves, building bridges between people of different cultures and faiths, bringing them together as fellow citizens, parents, co-workers and neighbors.

Eat with Muslims (EWM) aims to publish a cookbook with select recipes from Muslims around the world.

Personal storytelling is a deep part of our mission. We want to hear about your life (e.g. your profession, family and community; why you migrated, if applicable; and the reasons you value being Muslim).

That is why, in addition to submitting your recipes along with photos of your dishes (please use the “Add Image” button), we are requesting a brief biographical statement and, if willing, a picture of yourself.

If you would like to contribute regularly, please consider registering or logging-in. If you have an account, you can edit with control over the format of your submissions.

Both your contact information–email address and phone number (the latter is optional)–will not appear online.

Join our culinary community by sharing your own recipes and story below!

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